Thursday, May 13, 2010

Health Care Reform: Loss of Benefits

               The new health care reform is going to change your life. Will it be for the best? Some find that this new health reform is going to make things better and affordable. But the process of making this work is going to make things very difficult for the day to day of everyone. The private sector of medicine has been bleeding the public dry on this critically important necessity for decades and this new reform is not going to change that, especially for the self-employed.

 The United States is predominantly comprised of small business owners and entrepreneurs. For a really long time these people have been resigned to buy their own health care from private subsidiaries. With the new health care reform that will not change. It’s going to be a while before the regulations will come into effect.  The major healthcare changes wont even take place until 2014 and until then anyone with previous health problems will be rejected by the current health insurance standards. 

To top it off the government is wont take the responsibility of the reform just by themselves. Self-employed individuals are the only group that will have to pay 15 percent of their yearly income to healthcare thorough taxes on top of paying out of pocket to their health subsidiaries.  Any federal reimbursements that are in effect will freeze by 2012 to cover the government costs while the, would be, previously private sector will keep its high prices rising.
No one will have any choice in the matter, self-employed or not. The individual mandate that will be enforced will mean tax punishment if you don’t have health care. Unless your under the poverty level there is no way you can get any full coverage without having to contribute in some type of way.
The United States prides itself on the American dream of being independent and capitalistic. while pharmaceutical companies get to live the capitalistic dream of cashing on the publics need for health care the bread and butter of American society, the entrepreneurs and small businesses will continue to struggle to steak their claim in a government that doesn’t provide much benefit towards their growth.

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